Note that I generally trade B&W copies.

Zines are described in their individual sections/pages (navigation above). See the sidebar/look for stars for notes on trading and email me at for a trade. You can also visit the trades tag for a quick glance of zines I can trade. If you want something that is not marked for trade, get in touch. I might be willing to reprint or make an exception for a personal note. 🙂

I trade packets full of zines (mine and others) for life stories. I only keep the zines that I love, the ones that I know I’ll want to read again some day. The rest I give away to friends, strangers, panera bread. It would be a shame to keep those words and stories and lives in the dark.

I’m always buying zines so I’ll never run out. If you’re interested in getting a package of random zines, all you have to do is mail me your life story. To get my postal address, please email me or find my current address on Send Something.