I’m completely enamored with crossing print expression with technology and discovering ways of hybrid expression. I’ve also always had an avid interest in hypertext fiction. Somewhere in between those two, a couple project ideas have bloomed that I hope to some day finish, and maybe even share.

Be A Part of My Story

Sometimes my projects involve sending zines out to people, and not always people who know me well. I’ll often use Send Something to find an address to send to. If you’re interested in becoming one of those people, I’m happy to add you to my zine project mailing list. Send me a postcard to let me know you’re interested! If you don’t have a sendsomething account to view my profile, you can also email me.

All correspondence related to any project might (in some form or another) become part of the project. I’ll never share your address or personal information, but I would like you to keep that in mind nonetheless.