People keep trying to tell me that print is dead. They’re shocked/confused when they find out that there is a large community of snail mail artists/correspondents, and that people still independently publish little stapled booklets with their cut-and-paste artwork and writings. I like zines as a form of expression, experimentation, and maybe even a little fuck-you to people who think there is no point in sharing. I like that they are static representations of right now: I am here, and this is what I am. I like that they connect individuals into a community, no matter what you’re writing and reading. I like DIY culture and uncensored creativity. I like that in 2018, people are still discovering zines for the first time and learning to make them, and then putting whatever the hell they want into them.

When I started in zines, I had a message to get out, I was reading a lot of mental health perzines and I wanted to talk about my experiences with depression. From there, I started making literary zines (original fiction), art zines, and other personal experience zines. For a few years I got really into the self-care scene because I thought there wasn’t enough representation for introverts: self-care seemed loud and aggressive, and all the tips leaned toward extroverted tendencies. After a while, though, my zine-creativity dropped off and though I’ve had little ideas here and there, I don’t make zines nearly as much as I used to.

This site serves as a database of the zines I have made and will continue to make. If you’re here looking for something specific, reach out to me at boo@solidghosts.com or via Instagram/Twitter DM at @apartmentghost/@ghostsushi. Along with other small one-off zines and projects, I currently only create zines in the Exciteshroom series, which documents my 30s. You can find back issues of my other zines at GhostSushi Zines.

If you are taking submissions for your zine and think I might be interested, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I have been featured in Static Zine as well as some other compilations and have been distro’d by fluxxii in the past.